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Zhejiang Zhengda Air Separation Equipment Co., Ltd
Zhejiang Zhengda Air Separation Equipment Co., Ltd
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  Detailed Selling Offer Description Post Date:    2017/8/30
  VPSA oxygen generation system is mainly composed of the blower, vacuum pump, switch valve, adsorber and oxygen balance tank. The raw material air enters the adsorber with the oxygen molecular sieve after being pressurized by Roots blower. Water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen in the air are adsorbed so as to generate oxygen. When the adsorption capacity reaches the certain degree, the vacuum pump is used to carry out vacuumizing. Adsorbed water, carbon dioxide and a small amount of other gas are pumped out and discharged to the atmosphere, so that the adsorbent is regenerated. The above-mentioned process is automatically controlled by the PLC & switch valve system.
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Zhejiang Zhengda Air Separation Equipment Co., Ltd.
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chen luntan
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