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Zhengzhou Si Xue Electronic Technology Co., LTD
Our headquarters is located in the south of the San Francisco Bay. Our main financing partners are from the US, Hong Kong, China, Germany, the UK and France. We produce and sell all kinds of mascot costumes, such as animal series, marine series, Halloween, school activities and so on. Company philosophy: Create the best mascot with the gentlest love. Features of the company's products: direct sales, cheap, high quality, fast logistics, new, no secondary sales, can be ordered, multi-size, multi-color, can add logo, a wide variety

Company Name: Zhengzhou Si Xue Electronic Technology Co., LTD
Telephone Number: 0000-000000
Fax Number:
Contact Person: Cheng
Country/Region: China
Company Address: Garden Road Guoji Road 50m east of the garden SOHO3 Building A, Block 1004,United States
Zip/Postal Code
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