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Poluyurea anti-corrosion material for storag
Poluyurea anti-corrosion material for storag
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  Detailed Selling Offer Description Post Date:    2018/10/12
  Air++ anti-corrosion coating for
storage tank is the third generation polyurea elastomer newly developed by
Qingdao Air++ New Materials Co., Ltd.. This product is sprayed-up
with semi prepolymer, modified amino polyether, amine chain extender and other
raw materials. Spraying polyurea elastomer technology links together with new
materials, new equipments, new techniques, it is a revolutionary leap of
traditional construction technology, which is currently one of the most
advanced anti- corrosion construction technology.

The coating can be widely used in petroleum,
petrochemical pipelines, municipal, gas pipelines and all kinds of steel
chemical storage tanks.

All kinds of overhead
and buried pipe.

Certain municipal
sewage pipes, municipal tap water pipeline.

The oil pipeline and
all kinds of cast iron pipes.

All kinds of steel storage
tanks etc.
Contact Information
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Qingdao Air++ New Materials Co., Ltd. company
Contact Person:
No. 2, Chunhai Road, Chengyang District, Qindao
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